Corpo Espiral business cards

Spiral Body Dance Project Business Card

Gadut Design created these business cards for Corpo Espiral, a dance project that seeks to raise body awareness by exploring our senses.

Corpo Espiral (which means Spiral Body) believes that our bodies speak more than we can ever imagine. It invites people to get in touch with their five senses and discover how their body speaks to them through movement.

“With sounds, smells and textures, our body tends to respond to these stimuli in a natural and non-choreographed way, with the purpose of dancing the feelings,” Gadut said.

In order for the branding, especially the business cards, to be effective, it needs to show movement, nomadism, and energy.

Corpo Espiral branding_1

Logo Design

Gadut Design was looking for a creative path that would bring good sensations, curiosity and cyclicality. The samambaia sprout served as the primary source of inspiration for the visual identity.

“The logo was inspired by the bud of a fern, which follows the design of a spiral that in itself already represents our human evolution, the cycles and environments by which our body is involved,” Gadut explained.

When placed next to the logo, the gold-foiled spark appears to be a symbol of inspiration and enlightenment. This adds to the business card’s elegance!

Corpo Espiral logo inspirationCorpo Espiral logo_1

Typography & Colours

Al Chevrola is the typeface used in the brand’s visual identity. Because of its curvy design and dynamic style, this sans serif font has a chic, contemporary and cool vibe.

“We chose Al Chevrola for the contrasts it brings between the organic and the geometric, which translates into the balance between yin and yang.”

When discussing the brand’s colour palette, Gadut said, “The pastel colours reinforce lightness and combine the elements of nature: earth (brown and green), water and air (blue), and fire (orange and yellow).”

Corpo Espiral logo_2Corpo Espiral logo2

“With green being used prominently in the business design, it conveys the greens under our feet that bring us centering and healing, and it was these feelings that I tried to apply to our business card.”

Additional attention-grabbing elements on the card include the spiral symbol that appears on the card. Gadut explained, “We believe that this group dancing movement is capable of moving energy in a golden tone in the form of a spiral, which shelters us, bringing joy and acceptance.”

Gadut suggested that if these business cards were printed, they should use gold foil printing for a luxurious and stylish look.

Corpo Espiral business cardsCorpo Espiral branding_4Corpo Espiral branding_5Corpo Espiral_patternCorpo Espiral branding_2Corpo Espiral branding_3Corpo Espiral branding_6

Designed by Gadut Design

For Corpo Espiral (Spiral Body)

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