Spencer Lowell business card

Spencer Lowell Photography Business Card

Lundqvist & Dallyn designed these business cards for Spencer Lowell, an award-winning photographer whose work blurs the line between art and science based in Los Angeles.

Many of the world’s leading magazines have hired Spencer to cover everything from a research ship in the Mediterranean to a desalination plant in Dubai, to Norway’s Global Seed Vault, to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, to Mark Zuckerberg’s office.

“We assisted our client with both design and development, as well as with his branding. The custom stencil type – LD Spencer Lowell – that we used throughout the site was the most unique feature,” said Sam Dallyn, the Art Director at Lundqvist & Dallyn.

“The chosen typefaces and structured grid system all help reflect the scientific approach to Spencer’s photography.”

Spencer Lowell typographySpencer Lowell business card_1

The business card design is minimal and futuristic. According to Sam, Spencer Lowell’s photography has a solid scientific bias, so they wanted the design to be reflected and amplified in print.

“For the brand’s colour palette, technology, science, robots, etc., all have a very clinical, precise aesthetic. So, the neon green, grey and white help to establish that,” Sam explained.

These business cards were printed single-sided on a white card with neon edges and applied with blind debossed to add a subtle texture and imagery to the card.


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Designed by Lundqvist & Dallyn

For Spencer Lowell

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