Speedinvest business card

Speedinvest Business Card

Si Maclennan designed these business cards for Speedinvest, a European venture capital fund that invests in pre-seed, seed, and early-stage tech startups across Europe.

Si was tasked to modernise the existing Speedinvest identity and create a scalable brand ecosystem that reflected the future-facing ambitions of Speedinvest.

The business card was designed as part of the rebranding project for Speedinvest. According to Si, the company had developed brand equity in an existing brand mark derived from the periodic table of elements, and wanted to preserve their signature – the orange square.

Si responded to this with a minimalist interpretation of the existing mark, using a modern typeface that made provisions for legibility and recognisability.

speedinvest logo


Illustration & Colour Palette

Si also added illustrations to the brand collateral in supporting their narrative of founder-centric thinking.

“The Speedinvest branding is very minimalist, which can sometimes make communications feel cold or impersonal. We wanted to bring some of the company’s founder-focused values through in the business card design.”

“So, we decided to balance the very slick, minimal front of the card with some of the custom illustrations that I developed for the brand on the back. This gives the card a professional feeling, without losing the passionate, human side of the brand.”

Speedinvest illustration

As for the inspiration behind the brand’s colour palette, Si explained, “The Speedinvest orange is a heritage colour, adopted from earlier iterations of the brand.”

“The supporting colour palette is drawn from a broader palette of 5 colours that represent 5 specialised Speedinvest Investment Teams. These colours were chosen as a softer compliment to the very striking orange of the mother brand to make the brand feel more open, and introduce a feeling of approachability.”

These business cards have not been printed yet, but if they were, “They would be printed with a simple 4-colour CMYK process, and a spot pantone for the Speedinvest orange,” Si suggested.


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Designed by Si Maclennan

For Speedinvest

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