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South Texas Brick & Stone Business Card: Simple & Impactful

Go Forth Creative designed these business cards for South Texas Brick & Stone, a family-owned and operated company that has been a leading supplier of masonry products in Houston with showrooms in Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding areas.

Since its establishment in 2008, South Texas Brick & Stone has continued to be a trusted source for architects, builders, designers, and homeowners throughout Texas, contributing to the construction and enhancement of homes.

Go Forth Creative is tasked with visually capturing the essence of the brick supplier that’s both timeless and one-of-a-kind. At the same time, it’s important for their business cards to appear clever and impactful, effortlessly defining the company’s profession while leaving a memorable mark.


Brand Image & Design Inspiration

Drawing inspiration from the holes in bricks, the design incorporates three holes mirroring the actual bricks, setting these business cards apart from regular business cards.

While the holes in the actual bricks allow the mortar to flow through and increase durability by locking the bricks together, this clever concept is actually a nod to the professionalism and quality work the company is willing to provide to their customers. Now that’s how you define a leading company in the industry!

The all-caps sans-serif typeface chosen for the brand name and email address was a strategic decision, ensuring that the focus remains on the perforations. This choice is what truly makes these business cards stand out and look great individually or when stacked together.

The colour palette is also chosen to resemble the colours of bricks, harmoniously complementing the white body text to create a visually appealing and cohesive design.

South Texas Brick_holes in business cards


The Printing of Business Cards

These single-sided business cards were printed by Jot Press, a creative print studio specializing in hot foiling and giclée printing based in Liverpool.

Jot Press did an impressive job by printing the cards with gloss white foil onto Gmund Bier Ale at 250gsm and then die-cutting them to shape.

This underscores the brand’s commitment to quality materials, enhancing the tactile and visual experience of the business cards.

All in all, this is a simple yet impactful business card design that shows collaboration between the designer (clever design) and printer (attention to detail) can make wonders – reflecting the professionalism and quality associated with South Texas Brick & Stone.


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South Texas Brick business cards South Texas Brick business card

Designed by Go Forth Creative

Printed & Photographed by Jot Press

For South Texas Brick & Stone