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Soju Jewellery Business Card

Sarah Mossallam designed these business cards for Soju, a Cairo-based handmade jewellery brand that’s inspired by nature.

Somaia Omar, the founder, combines her love of jewellery making with her love of nature. Soju allows anyone to instantly connect with nature and immerse in its textures and details. It’s a place where creativity abounds and time stands still.

Soju logotypeSoju branding

Somaia approached Sarah for the branding project. Soju’s jewellery, according to Sarah, was inspired by the sea, the sun, the sand, and all naturally occurring elements and species.

“All Soju products are made with direct inspiration from nature. So, the client wanted to reimburse the feeling of it being both natural, eclectic & unique, irregular and full of details just like nature,” Sarah explained.

Soju logoSoju illustrations

The business card design exudes a unique and mystic vibe, thanks to its eye-catching illustrations.

“They were all derived from nature, such as shapes from the sea, sky, and land,” Sarah continued, explaining the source of the inspiration.

“In terms of colour palette, it is super simple to complement such a detailed visual (black illustrations) with cream and yellow, which represents the sand/land and sun, respectively.”

The client handled the card-printing on her own. When asked about the printing outcome, Sarah suggested, “The cards would be printed on textured paper that isn’t white, more of a cream or off-white shade.”

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Designed by Sarah Mossallam

For Soju

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