Snaps business cards

Snaps Marketing Management Agency Business Card

GudLag Creative designed these business cards for Snaps, a boutique agency specializing in advertising, KOL (Key Opinion Leader) and influencer marketing management services.

For the rebranding project, Snaps needed a new identity to further strengthen its position and brand recognition in the marketplace. GudLag decided to set Snaps apart from other full-service agencies by focusing on its selling point.

Since Snaps is a boutique agency, they can make meaningful decisions on the fly and offer dynamic solutions for their clients without having to go through too many departments.

“Everything goes as quick as a snap! Snaps handles everything that clients need. That’s how a new brand concept for Snaps was born: All in Snaps, Snaps for all,” explained Touzu, the Creative Lead of the project.

Snaps logo

Logo Design

The business card is designed to express minimalism and quickness, the idea of ‘all services in one brand’. The catchiest element is none other than the special emphasis of the letter “A” within the logo.

“The ‘Buzz Symbol’ (or, the letter mark ‘A’), symbolizes the sound of a snap of the fingers, a quick and flexible working process, and a new buzz in the advertising industry comes from Snaps,” Touzu said.

“We created a design system that used the buzz symbol as a key image with unity-in-diversity versions for various purposes. The check-line system is also a distinct hallmark of the buzz symbol.”

Snaps logo inspiration

Typography & Colours

Raleway is the typeface used for the logotype. According to Touzu, they use it for the sole reason of ‘Seeing is not as simple as looking’, which is the goal of Snaps, a boutique agency that can do all commercial services.

“Raleway font has a special arc in the stem which makes it look different from other san-serif fonts. In the Raleway font, the arc of stem has more curves and is thinner. Just a small detail like the arc, but it makes the font look more elegant and has the story, thinking like the brand,” he said.

Snaps business card_1

GudLag Creative uses mainly green for the brand’s colour palette. Touzu continued, “In the market of Vietnamese creativity, red is the key colour of all major agencies and studios (Ogilvy, Dentsu Redder, Publicis Vietnam, to name a few) because that colour is really relevant for creative agencies. However, they use too much that makes it look too bold, too strong and stressful.”

“We think the green tones are used to relax the eyes, the mind and the spirit. That’s why we chose green tones to make the contrast universal.”

These business cards were printed on French Canson paper with an embossed logo.

Snaps business card_2Snaps embossed effectSnaps stationerySnaps greeting cardsSnaps bagSnaps envelope

Designed by GudLag Creative

For Snaps Agency

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