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Smithsonian National Zoo Business Card

Sarah Klamans designed these business cards for Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington D.C. – one of the oldest zoos in the United States.

Sarah created the branding system including the tickets, map, buttons, logo, signage, an icon set, a retails bag and of course, business cards.

“This is a self-initiated proposal for updating the branding of the Smithsonian National Zoo,” Sarah said.

“The branding was inspired by children’s toy blocks and the sculpted stone letters at the entrance of the zoo.”

“The pairing of the illustrations and the bright, bold colours are meant to appeal to both young and old visitors.”

Sarah created several patterns for the back design of the business cards.

Visitors can choose for their favorite animals and the fun doesn’t stop here: one gets to look through the patterns and locate that unique, playful version of the icon that’s hidden within!

The colour scheme is created by adding warmer tones to primary colors. We asked Sarah to share her thoughts on how the cards should be printed and she replied,

“These business cards were designed to be printable from any commercial printing company. Printing on digital CMYK should be 4/4 for both sides.”


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Smithsonian National Zoo buttons Smithsonian National Zoo logo

Designed by Sarah Klamans

For Smithsonian National Zoo

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