Smartypants film production business card

Smartypants Pictures Film Business Card

Kaori Drome designed these business cards for Smartypants Pictures, a film production company based in Brooklyn, New York.

Smartypants Pictures approached Kaori for the branding project including logo and stationery design.

Speaking of the design inspiration and brand image, Kaori said, “We came up with the idea of using a New York city pigeon and putting a little bowtie and a monocle to represent the company culture.”

“This is the birth of a dapper Brooklyn pigeon ‘Matcha’, who is always thinking about the best approach to innovate branded content and documentary filmmaking!”

It’s absolutely a delight to see Matcha all over the stationery set!

Also, choosing the right icon and applying a little gold foil finish can make a huge difference.

It’s a creative way to express the brand’s professionalism and dedication in finding extraordinary and meaningful stories everyday, everywhere.

These business cards were printed on textured paper.

Kaori said, “This paper is sturdy and roughly textured and it represents classical and impressionistic nature.”

“We printed with black ink and partially applied gold foil.”


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Smartypants Pictures Film Business Cards

Designed by Kaori Drome

For Smartypants Pictures

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