Simple Weiner business card

Simple Weiners Hot Dog Business Card

Mike Knapek designed these business cards for Simple Weiners, a gourmet hot dog business.

Mike was approached by the team at Simple Weiners to deliver a fresh, new brand identity that would really help them stand out from the competition and attract customers from all ages to eat at their stylish new diner.

Simple Weiners patternSimple Weiners hot dog
The brand has a unique logo and if you think it’s only a hotdog illustration, well, there’s more to this than meets the eye.

“The logo was designed with a retro feel in mind. The monogram I created for Simple Weiners is a SW but also a hotdog. I used yellow and red for the colours as that is the colours of ketchup and mustard,” Mike said.

These business cards were printed on 450gsm silk with matt lamination by Bensons Print.

Simple Weiners business cards

Designed by Mike Knapek

Printed by Bensons Print

For Simple Weiners

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