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Silvia Wedding Planner Business Card

Anita designed these business cards for Silvia, a wedding planner.

“Silvia is involved in the organization and decoration of weddings in Italy.

Her attention to details, responsiveness, affordability and creativity will be at your service to create your dream wedding,” Anita said.

Silvia logo

The business card design is simple yet stylish. The graceful stroke and modification on certain letters give the logotype a classy appeal.

Since weddings are usually associated with floral arrangements, a little botanical element is added to soften the branding and make it more welcoming.

According to Anita, “Silvia’s business card should be completely clean and minimalistic. The logo is feminine and graceful to reflect the beauty of Silvia’s business.”

These business cards are double sided, with contact details on the other side. The cards were printed on Touché cover paper to reflect the brand’s quality and sophisticated image.


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Silvia business card_2Silvia logotypeSilvia business card

Designed by Anita

For Silvia

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