Silver Spoon business card

Silver Spoon Restaurant Business Card

Vighnesh Dudani designed these business cards for Silver Spoon, a fine dine restaurant trying to support the green revolution and become the go-to place for vegan food.

“The idea of Silver Spoon is the brainchild of a fellow vegan who was disappointed when he couldn’t find a decent romantic restaurant (serving vegan food) for his date,” Vighnesh explained.

“For the project, we began with brainstorming on a name and preferably not a mainstream one. After a lot of thought, ‘Silver Spoon’ was chosen to reflect on the premium and exclusive experience that the restaurant will offer.”

Silver Spoon logoSilver Spoon pattern

According to Vighnesh, the logo takes its inspiration from the name along with the vein pattern found on leaves to reflect on veganism. The typography used in the visual branding is Baskerville, chosen for its elegance.

“The fonts and colour scheme were set in a manner to emphasize more over the fine dine/premium experience. In the end, the entire identity and the palette is designed such that people are enticed to visit Silver Spoon and give vegan food a try. Hence promote veganism which will, in turn, help save the planet.”

These business cards were printed on 300gsm matt textured paper and then foil embossed.

“Further, the cards are sprayed black on the edges to provide a complete matt black vibe. This approach was chosen to reflect on the richness and premium experience the restaurant has to offer. As mentioned earlier, the client insisted on reflecting the exclusive experience more than the fact that they serve vegan food,” Vighnesh said.

Silver Spoon business cardSilver Spoon menuSilver Spoon3Silver Spoon9Silver Spoon7Silver Spoon11Silver Spoon

Designed by Vighnesh Dudani

For Silver Spoon

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