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Silkaen Skincare Business Card

Tiare Payano designed these business cards for Silkaen, a highly functional skincare line that started with an anecdote.

“Unpretentious, fresh, and charmingly honest. Silkaen® is a high-quality skincare product made with pure and limited ingredients,” Tiare said.

“Only one year under its belt and four product lines, it has generated millions of unique formulations that elevates the daily ritual of self-care for many women.”

“Inspired by its products with a 100% custom formula and its tropical ingredients, it was designed a brand that through its photography and terracotta colours, could perfectly balance the personality of its two creators, conveying the image of inner sincerity and uniqueness.”

Silkaen business cardSilkaen business card

Besides the logotype, other typefaces used in the business card design are Bon Voyage and Apfel.

Explaining more about the logo design, Tiare continued, “Its varied typography denotes a principal role, setting a system that prioritizes character, readability and honesty.”

“It was designed a set of the 4 organic illustrations (icons) integrated to achieve the feel of the brand, and thus, finally managing to speak to the personality each woman it is made for.”

Instead of a regular layout, Tiare used arrows to display the contact information. When been asked about the inspiration behind it, she explained, “‘Minimal yet meaningful’ was the core of this idea. It was required to create a visual vocabulary that could emphasize not only the unbreakable union of its brand’s past, the present, and future but to formulate a simple flow and innovative factor that catches the eyes too.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, here’s what Tiare suggested, “I would love to get them printed on recycled paper to give the cards a natural feel and embossing printing technique for that delicate impact!”

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Designed by Tiare Payano

For Silkaen

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