ShugaFoot business cards

ShugaFoot Nail Spa Business Card

Julia Stanton designed these business cards for ShugaFoot, a natural nail spa that specializes in serving diabetic clients.

ShugaFoot, based in Baltimore, Maryland, is well-known for its pedicures. Other services ShugaFoot provides are manicures, massages, and services for diabetics who are looking for cleanliness, care, and a more aesthetic approach to their personal care.

Julia managed the entire branding project, including designing the brand’s website, loyalty cards, social media posts, T-shirts, and of course, business cards!

ShugaFoot tshirt and flip flop

Logo Design & Patterns

The floral/botanical pattern used in the business card design is both eye-catching and fresh. There’s also a logomark with the letter ‘S’ that shapes like a foot – how smart!

“ShugaFoot’s branding (and business card design) portrays the business as relaxed and welcoming, with a retro-fun edge. We achieved this through botanical patterns, ‘70s-inspired type, and a warm colour palette,” Julia said.

Apart from that, the ShugaFoot logotype is always the main attraction of the card!

ShugaFoot business cards_2

Speaking of the distinctive logotype, “I often get asked about the typeface in the ShugaFoot logo. We did originally start off with a font, but I ended up customizing it to the unique letterforms you see in the design now. All the customizations I did were inspired by ‘70s style typography.”

“The pattern was illustrated by hand and influenced by the ‘jungalow’ trend. And, once again, the colour palette was inspired by the warm, retro tones of the 1970s.”

(Jungalow is a word formed by ‘jungle’ (wild) and ‘bungalow’ (homey), which is a style that focuses on cosiness, warmth, and vibrant colours, with plants as the main element.)

ShugaFoot logoShugaFoot colours

Business Card Printing

These business cards were printed by MOO, Julia’s go-to printer for all her clients’ business cards.

“These are the 16pt thick Original Business Cards with a matte finish. With a full bleed pattern and colour like you see on the ShugaFoot cards, it’s important that you take note of the amount of bleed the printer recommends.”

“I also like to upload the cards for my clients, so they don’t have to deal with all of these technicalities.”

Overall, this is a beautiful business card design that will be remembered for a very long time!

ShugaFoot business cardShugaFoot brandingShugaFoot branding2ShugaFoot digital media

Designed by Julia Stanton

Printed by MOO

For ShugaFoot

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