Short On Time Meal Service Business Card

Jayden Collins designed these business cards for Short On Time, a tailored meal service owned by Daniel Gianchino in Melbourne, Australia.

Short On Time delivers fresh, high-quality and ready-to-eat meals to its customers.

This is ideal for university students or younger people in the workforce who wish to meal-prep but don’t have the time to cook it themselves.

So, how to break through the norm and create a visual identity that’s accepted and memorable to the target audience?


“We wanted to stay away from the obvious green that is too often associated with ‘fresh’ and ‘healthy’,” Jayden said.

“We brought a real ‘electric urban’ vibe to the identity of these cards where the use of deep blue and pink respectively represents the nature of late night returns after work and the energy and excitement of receiving food handmade by someone else.”

Besides the catchy logo, the cutlery illustration at the top left corner of the card is pretty self-explanatory as well.


The Printing of Business Cards

The business cards were printed by Minuteman Press in Springvale and according to Jayden,

“There was a consistent underlying tone to the printing of the business cards that went along the lines of ‘back to basics’.”

“It meant that the finish would pay tribute to the easy nature of having food delivered. The result is a 90mm x 55mm, 300gsm with a matte finish.”

Overall, it’s a tasteful, refreshing design that will make a perfect first impression!


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Designed by Jayden Collins

Printed by Minuteman Press, Springvale

For Short On Time

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