Shop Dead Low Mens Wear business card

Dead Low Men’s Wear Business Card

Kendra Lebo Design designed these business cards for Dead Low, a surf-inspired menswear shop in Manasquan, NJ, at the Jersey Shore.

Kendra’s client approached her for the branding project and they wanted a modern take on a 70s vintage surf vibe.

The design inspiration was drawn from vintage surf ephemera, vintage tees and film posters.

Shop Dead Low logo and typographyShop Dead Low businesscard

“For the colour palette, we wanted a sun washed look, so we went for softer shades of blue and orange,” Kendra said.

“We initially were thinking of a more illustrative ‘great wave’ type motif, but after a few iterations, we pared it back into a more modern wave.”

“For the typography, I wanted to reference ’70s surf style without being too derivative.”

“So, I ended up combining Freehouse – designed by the comic book designer and illustrator Rian Hughes – with Mr. Eaves and Alternate Gothic No3 for the supporting typefaces.”

These business cards were printed by MOO using Luxe square business cards, which according to Kendra, gives a higher end look at a lower price point and also allows for multiple back images.

Shop Dead Low business cardsShop Dead Low stationery

Designed by Kendra Lebo Design

Printed by MOO

For Dead Low

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