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Shinori Graphic Designer Business Card

Shinori designed these business cards for her self-branding as an illustrator based in Argentina.

Shinori’s main work is creating illustrations for children’s book.

“The logo was inspired by a giant pencil, to recreate the freedom we had as children when we played drawing,” Shinori explained.

Shinori illustration

As for the card design and typography, they were done by De Otoño, a letterpress printing studio in Argentina.

“The design is simple since the important thing was to enhance the client’s illustration. We wanted a ‘handwritten / monolinear’ typeface for her SHINORI name that would match the style of the illustration and keep the rest simple and clean,” said Lula, the owner of De Otoño.

These single-sided business cards were printed by De Otoño via letterpress printing technique, which according to Shinori, a kind of print that is considered sensitive to both sight and touch. The cards were printed on WILD 450gsm paper (35% cotton fibers and 65% virgin pulp) using black Pantone ink (Van Son Holland ink).

Shinori brandingShinori business card designShinori business card

Designed by Shinori

Printed by De Otoño

For Shinori

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