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Sheltered Animals Project Business Card

Tom Benson designed these business cards for Sheltered, a project dedicated to improve the lives of domestic animals Australia wide.

“The project attempts to shed some light on the increasing overpopulation in animal shelters, through paying homage to the everyday people that help to combat it,” Tom said.

The target audience were families and the design could be easily communicated across a large variety of ages.

The brand logo was absolutely adorable and unique – one might just see a cute dog, but if you look closely there’s a cat in it as well – clever use of negative space!

Eurofence Bold is the typeface used for the visual identity.

These business cards were printed by MOO using standard printing of 400gsm card with soft touch finish.

Sheltered stationery design

Designed by Tom Benson

Printed by MOO

For Sheltered

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