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Shared Ecologies Arts Program Business Card

Studio Ping Pong designed these business cards for Shared Ecologies, an arts program developed by the Shyama Foundation to promote the reconfiguration of the idea of nature as vital to human society for sustainable futures.

The business card design embraced the minimalist approach, which had a vertical layout with few colours and primarily sans serif fonts. The blind embossed printing adds visual appeal to the branding while improving the tactility of the cards.

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Logo Inspired by Nature

According to Studio Ping Pong, the Shyama Foundation will act from a ground-up perspective through supporting cultural practices. It will work with with other similar projects all over the world, especially in this area.

Due to the simplicity of the overall design, it’s important to make sure that the logo shines through in all of the brand’s communication materials.

“While creating the brand identity, we kept in mind the idea of ecologies that exist symbiotically and natural elements that live in harmony,” said the graphic designer of Studio Ping Pong.

“The logo of the project is also inspired by and from nature. The icon can be seen as a number of different things seen in nature, such as a plucked dandelion spreading its spores, a river and its tributaries, the cross-section of a tree, or even a mere snowflake.”

Not only that, but the logo is also a part of other visual language that uses the idea of pollination in nature to show the different stages of the program.

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Legible Fonts and Earthy Colours

The typeface used in the visual identity is Satoshi Variable. It was chosen to evoke a sense of timeless simplicity while putting the focus on legibility.

Soil, plants, and water are the primary sources of inspiration for the brand’s colour palette.

“The business card’s palette comprises muted earthy tones, which occur naturally around us.”

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The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Laxman Printers, a printing company based in India.

In keeping with the foundation’s mission, the business cards were printed on Lenzing Impact Paper 250gsm, a type of recycled paper.

The base of the cards is printed digitally, with the logo (blind) embossed across the middle to add an element of texture.


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Designed by Studio Ping Pong

Printed by Laxman Printers

For Shared Ecologies

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