Sean Fournier business card

Sean Fournier Graphic Designer Business Card

Sean Fournier designed these business cards for his personal branding as a UX/UI designer, Illustrator and singer/songwriter based in Connecticut.

“I wanted a business card to convey all of those things. I wanted the overall feel to be playful and welcoming,” replied Sean, when asked about the inspiration behind his card design.

Sean Fournier illustration

“The front of the card was written with a conversational tone (“Hello! I’m Sean”). The back of the card features illustrations of items that fit my personality – musical instrument, pencil, coffee etc,” Sean said.

The yellow/black colour combination gives a nice contrast to the white background.

The playful illustrations are so catchy that make you go through each one of them to find out more about the illustrator behind them – a nice self-introduction method and can be useful when starting a conversation with a prospect.

These rounded corners business cards were printed by Moo with a matte finish.


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Sean Fournier business card

Designed by Sean Fournier

Printed by MOO

For Sean Fournier personal branding

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