Schonschön business card

Schonschön Graphic Designer Business Card

Sabine Steinacher designed these business cards as part of her branding project as a graphic designer based in Vienna, Austria.

Sabine’s design studio is named Schonschön, which means ‘nice and pretty’ in German. Sabine’s business cards are designed to reflect not only her studio, but also her lively personality.

“I’m mostly a very happy, cheerful person. With the new business cards and the new branding design, I wanted to make a friendly impression on how it looks,” Sabine said.

“The business cards are colourful and the additional illustrations symbolise my playful character as well as my love of water, as they remind me of corals.”

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Typography & Colours

The typography used on the business card is called Gatwick Bold (for the logo) and Neue Haas Grotest Text 65 Medium (for the body text).

“For the main typeface, I chose it because it’s playful while still looking professional and, in my opinion, has a modern look. The body text, on the other hand, is a nice contrast to the logotype, and I think it’s a cool font. ” Sabine stated.

The brand’s colour palette has a natural, organic vibe while being eye-catching as well.

“For the colour palette, I was inspired by the discovery of my own love for colour. I just love the coral-peachy colour, because it’s friendly, positive and inviting,” Sabine explained.

“As a contrast, I wanted something natural. So, I chose a nice light-eucalyptus colour mixed with sandy complementary colours. The vibe should put a smile on your face and remind you of days at the beach.”

Schonschön logo

Business Card Printing

These business cards were printed by Flyeralarm, an online printing company in Germany.

“The cards were printed on 350g matt paper with soft touch foil. The white elements (white illustrations and the logo) are varnished, which feels nice when you touch the matte paper and you can feel the difference in materials,” she added.

Sabine may experiment with letterpress printing for her business cards in the future. But, for the time being, she’s pleased with how the cards turned out.

Schonschön business cardsSchonschön_1Schonschön_2

Designed by Sabine Steinacher at Schonschön Grafikdesign

Printed by Flyeralarm

For Sabine Steinacher personal branding

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