Scented By Meem perfume business card

Scented by Meem Perfume Business Card

Eva designed these exquisite business cards for Scented by Meem, an enchanting perfume brand from Saudi Arabia where luxury meets tradition.

The brand owner was starting her line of perfumes and mists in Saudi Arabia. Her perfume collections are meticulously crafted using the finest ingredients sourced from around the world, ensuring a truly captivating fragrance experience.

The goal of the brand identity was to create a signature brand identity with a very elegant and feminine vibe.

To do so, the business cards need to have a logo that’s both simple and memorable, creating an authentic brand experience that customers will love!

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Monogram and Logotype

The brand’s monogram takes the form of the letter “M,” which symbolises the initial of the owner’s name, Maria.

The phrase “By Meem” is written like a signature, and it means letter “M” in Arabic, where the owner is from.

Eva said that the whole idea was to give the logotype an elegant touch with a combination of cursive typeface to enhance the idea of leaving a signature and a special touch.

As for the little diamond shape on top of the letter “M,” it represents luxury and sophisticated detail for Scented by Meem.


Minimal Colour Palette

Eva used as few colours as possible for her client’s visual identity, as the objective here is to showcase a minimal, clean and feminine colour palette.

She explained that the choice of using white, beige and gold foil (on the logo and information) for the project is to portray a sense of luxury.

Scented By Meem perfume monogram


Business Card Printing

These duplexed business cards were printed on textured white paper, complete with both blind embossed and gold foil printing techniques.

Eva stated that the embossed printing was applied to both sides of the business cards, with a small written logotype on the contact info side to enhance their overall appearance.

The same idea was applied for the brand’s packaging, bags and labels as well.

All in all, this is a minimalist yet elegant business card design that shows how simplicity can be impactful as well!


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Designed by Eva

For Scented by Meem

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