Saulės Gojus business card

Saulės Gojus Kindergarten Business Card

Imagine Branding Studio designed these business cards for Saulės Gojus, a bilingual kindergarten and school in Vilnius, Lithuania, with a noble goal of raising independent thinkers, ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.

“Education in this school is based on three main elements: urban environment, nature and human knowledge. We made these elements come to life by creating organic illustrations that represent the world children live in and emphasize the synthesis between different school subjects, the sense of community, the diversity and the individuality of the students,” said Aistė Jakimavičiūtė Bikauskė, the Creative Director at Imagine Branding Studio.

Saulės Gojus icons illustrations
“Different dominant colours have been chosen to distinguish three main symbol groups: nature, urban environment and knowledge. The specific colours aren’t attached to illustrations and can change depending on the situation or the context. As the visual language is so intense, dynamic and complex, we decided to leave a logotype simple, bold yet playful.”

To understand further about the colour palette used for the visual identity, Aistė explained the three levels of education at Saulės Gojus, “Kindergarten is distinguished by using a yellow background with bright colorful illustrations on it. While the primary school has the same type of illustrations, the background colour is white. Having in mind that the secondary school students are predominantly teenagers, we’ve narrowed the colour palette tones to blue and red here.”

Saulės Gojus stationery

The main feature of these business cards is the job title – handwritten by pupils who study at Saule Gojus.

“For us, being a co-creator of a school brand identity stands as an exciting adventure in itself. That’s why we’ve decided to actually be adventurous and ask the kids to collaborate in creating a unique handwritten typography. Who would have thought that just a few words can turn into such heartwarming and magical design elements!”

Aistė continued, “We thought that it would be really nice to involve them in the school branding process, school administration really liked this idea as well. The owner of the business card can choose freely, which symbol represents them the best as well. So the whole idea of the business cards was that it would reflect the team as much as possible.”

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Designed by Imagine Branding Studio

For Saulės Gojus

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