Satori Consult business cards

Satori Consult Business Card

Matheus Ferreira designed these business cards for Satori Consult, a consulting company based in Los Angeles, USA.

“Satori Consult is a consulting firm for companies and large corporations, which seek assistance in solving development problems, goals, failure in internal communication, inefficient marketing, among others,” Matheus said.

“Its main objective is to bring results to the companies, whatever the service provided. Therefore, it is important to transform this concept into a palpable and efficient branding.”

Satori Consult branding2Satori Consult branding

Logo Design & Meaning

The brand’s pillars, which consist of strategy, integration, connection, organization, innovation and transformation, helped to inspire the logo design. During the process, the architecture of the Bauhaus School, which dominated by straight, simple lines and geometric shapes, also influenced the creation of the logo.

According to Matheus, the geometric shape ‘ellipse’ was chosen for the logo to express the idea of ​​continuity and infinite cycle. This is closely related to the company’s concept: to seek a simpler solution for whatever problems faced, making it easier and transform for the better.

Satori Consult logo construction2Satori Consult logo construction
Explaining further regarding the logo construction, he said, “The symbol created is formed by a perfect ellipse and two other incomplete pieces of ellipse. It starts with the smallest piece, followed by the ellipse divided exactly in half, which together symbolize a ‘C’ for ‘Consult’.”

“Finally, the entire ellipse completes the acronym ‘CO’. This, again, symbolizes ‘Consult’, but also stands for: company, cooperation and coworking, terms that continue to translate the essence of the company. The ‘O’ also means a solution, a complete job, an efficient result after a whole process of work and evolution.”

Typography & Colour Palette

Satori Consult logoSatori Consult business card
The typography used in the visual identity are Syncopate and Termina family, with the former to give lightness and sophistication to the name ‘Satori Consult’, while latter for titles and texts.

The colour palette is carefully chosen to represent the brand based on the meaning/emotions evoked by each of the colour:

Black – to bring finesse, seriousness and sophistication;

Dark blue – to inspire safety, consistency, reliability, and also means the night sky;

Saturated blue – conducive to communication, creativity and a connection to the clear sky, the action of flying;

Shades of grey – visual counterpoints to the dark and vibrant shades of blue, to bring more seriousness, coolness and a sense of control.

These business cards were printed on coated paper 300g, double-sided printing with matte lamination by Printi in Brazil.

Satori Consult business cardsSatori Consult stationerySatori Consult patternSatori Consult collateralsSatori Consult posters

Designed by Matheus Ferreira

Printed by Printi

For Satori Consult

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