Sarah von Rickenbach Illustrator Business Card

Sarah von Rickenbach designed these business cards for her own-branding as a self-employed illustrator and graphic designer living and working in Switzerland.

Sarah works on a wide variety of creative projects, including branding, commissions, editorial illustration and packaging design. She loves to incorporate illustrations into graphic design projects.

“I think illustrations are a wonderful way to stand out from the crowd and create a unique appearance for a company, publication or any other product,” Sarah said.



The Illustrations & Their Meanings

The business cards are beautifully illustrated and the vibrant colours give life to these cards, making the card receiver desperate to learn more about the stories behind them.

“This particular business card was created to promote my illustration work, especially a children’s book which I wrote and illustrated myself and which was the final project of my master’s studies.”

The illustration features characters from Sarah’s book. The story raises awareness about endangered animals and is all about a conversation between the moon and a girl called Olivia.

The moon is describing the decline in wildlife populations he observes on planet Earth from a distance and Olivia is trying to help these animals as a result of the conversation.

“So, the business card features two illustrations from the book. The goal was to create a business card for the diploma exhibition and the Bologna children’s book fair in order to hand it to potentially interested publishers, book lovers or agents.”

“Furthermore, it emphasises my delicate illustration-style: the soft colours I often use and my love for nature-related topics.”



Typography & Colours

The typeface used is called Brown and it’s the same font Sarah used in the children’s book.

The card’s colour palette was inspired by the story itself.

“As many settings in the book are at night or featuring the sky, blue is the main colour and the red and rose create a great warm contrast. I used gentle yet joyful pastel colours to underline the subtle story,” Sarah explained.

These business cards were printed on natural paper with a matte finish by Printzessin, an online printing company based in Switzerland.


Business card paper: 300 g/m2 natural paper, matte finish, rough, bright white

Business card printing: digital print (or offset print for higher print runs)

Business card dimensions: 55 x 85 mm.


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Designed by Sarah von Rickenbach

Printed by Printzessin

For Sarah personal branding

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