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Sarah Dawson Photography Business Card

Hans Bennewitz designed these business cards for a wedding and portrait photographer named Sarah Dawson.

Sarah travels the world and lived in Paris for a while, so she wanted to have her business cards feel ornate. Hans was able to play off of that for inspiration since he created the logo.

In order to make a lasting impression, a custom die-cut was created for the card’s shape, and it was a two color print job.

“Originally I thought I could get away with having the light blue lines be a percentage of the original blue Pantone, but it ended up showing the dots of the halftone, which didn’t look good or work well for such thin lines.” Hans said.

So Hans added a second Pantone color and that solved the problem immediately!

The end result is satisfying and eye-catching that made Sarah Dawson’s cards stood out from the other photographers.

Sarah Dawson photography business card_2

Designed by Hans Bennewitz

Printed by Tom’s Printing in Sacramento

For Sarah Dawson

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Jennifer Wong
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