Sam's Shoebox business cards

Sam’s Shoebox (Gift Box) Business Card

Fatima Mughal designed these business cards for Sam’s Shoebox, a luxury beauty, lifestyle and gift subscription box made for women by women.

“My client wishes to portray a feminine touch throughout the brand. She is working with independent female artisans as well as well-known brands, to collect self-care items for women and each monthly box has so much to offer,” Fatima said.

The business card design is artistic and lovely! “Through her business cards, she wants to be remembered by her audience,” Fatima added.

Sam's Shoebox logo and illustration

Typography, Logo & Colour Palette

The typography used in the visual identity is called Grange (by New Tropical Design), in which Fatima played around with the glyph options. The serif font exudes both modern and classic vibe, while at the same time, decorative with curves in letters.

“This is how we formed the brand-mark. It’s simple and short, so it can be remembered.”

“I combine it with the custom artwork we made especially for this brand. All the women behind my client’s business, from artisans to buyers, are a great inspiration behind this logo.”

Sam's Shoebox Box

“Shades of pink and oranges were used to give the brand an elegant, feminine touch. Apart from that, the logo has a gorgeous custom illustration with floral elements. They completed the look of a mailer box, which is appealing to young women audience.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “The front logo will be debossed while gold foil printing will be applied on the back (of the card) to attract attention and have a premium look,” Fatima suggested.

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Designed by Fatima Mughal

For Sam’s Shoebox

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