Saja Seus photojournalist_business card

Saja Seus Photojournalist Business Card

Mona Wingerter designed these business cards for Saja Seus, a reportage photographer from Germany.

The business card design is both minimalist and classy, with large and varied fonts to reflect Saja’s brand in a clean and distinctive way.

“As a photojournalist, Saja wanted to appear stronger and more confident and be perceived as a tough business woman.”

“At the time, she had a playful, squiggly girly font as her logo, which didn’t come close to reflecting her or what she stood for.”


Brand Image and Logo Design

Mona developed a confident, bold logo that reflects the uniqueness of Saja’s image while also serving as a brand.

“Saja works as a reportage photographer who works with different people or situations.”

“So, that should be reflected in each letter in the logotype.”

“No one should be the same as the other, and everyone should have something unique and interesting about them that you want to deal with, just like in Saja’s work.”

Saja Seus photojournalist business card


Typography and Colour Palette

As Mona mentioned earlier, the logotype consists of letters that are distinct to one another while still meeting the criteria for being well recognized as a brand.

“I analyzed different fonts and built the client’s logotype from scratch.”

Apart from the custom-designed typography, Mona also chose black and white as the main colours.

“The focus of Saja’s work is to make cool edgy images with a lot of shadow play, and she works a lot with bold colors.”

“Therefore, when it comes to handing out the business card with the photos, it should offer a good contrast overall and stand out.”

“However, it’s still important for the business cards to not be inferior to the images in any way.”

“A black and white colour combination offers a strong contrast, and it complements a large font logo perfectly!”


The Printing of Business Cards

Both the business cards and invoice were printed on off-white paper.

“The logo on the business card was given a spot varnish and raised emboss finish,” Mona said.

“As a result, the reverse side is integrated into the design and reflects the logo in a deep debossing effect.”

By cleverly contrasting the vibrant world of photography with a sleek and minimalistic business card design, it’s a perfect example of how less can truly be more!


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Designed by Mona Wingerter

For Saja Seus

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