S.O.S Hair Spa business cards

S.O.S Hair Spa Business Card

Nici Ponce designed these business cards for S.O.S Hair Spa, a new hair salon concept dedicated to hair wellness.

The business cards exude a feminine and elegant vibe with artistic patterns that can be seen on both sides, either as a background pattern or an isotype.


Brand Image & Logo Design

Unlike any regular salons or hairdressers, S.O.S Hair Spa has the best trichologists in Ecuador to help create the best version of your hair based on a diagnosis and natural hair treatment.

Apart from customer wellness, S.O.S Hair Spa is also committed to environmental sustainability.

Nici communicated the brand’s dedication in both of these aspects into its logo.

“I incorporated waves and movement that are inspired by nature, such as in the form on the mountain range, the waves of the ocean, and traces that are formed in the sand, in the isotype.”

“This is a brand that connects fully with nature. Moreover, the waves also symbolize the movement of healthy hair.”

S.O.S Hair Spa logo variations


Typography and Colours

The typeface used for the logotype is an elegant font called Octane.

“We modified Octane to reflect the quality of the hair spa’s services.”

“As for the colour palette, we used neutral colours and black to highlight the brand’s professionalism and elegance.”

The logo fits well in both settings – chromatic (earthy tones) and monochromatic – and conveys a harmonious vibe.

These business cards were digitally printed.


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Designed by Nici Ponce

For S.O.S Hair Spa

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