RunTheWrld Jewelry business cards

RunTheWrld Jewelry Business Card

Aleksandar Ercegovac designed these business cards for RunTheWrld, a jewelry brand that sells high-quality, luxurious jewelry.

These business cards are striking for a jewelry store because of their use of a predominantly monochromatic colour palette to convey the brand’s bold, feminine and elegant image.

Aleksandar claims that the philosophy of RunTheWrld is to promote the idea that women can be both powerful and feminine.


A Classy Logo Design

“The goal of this project was to create a logo that’s elegant, unique, feminine, and distinguishes itself from other competitors,” Aleksandar stated.

“My client likes typography similar to Tiffany & Co, BrunaDear Darling Berlin, and other similar brands.”

“The solution was to design a logotype with a letter mark that could be used independently from the others, such as on packaging or social media profile images, while still maintaining brand consistency.”

RunTheWrld Jewelry logo

In addition to the standard horizontal logotype, Aleksandar created a stacked variant of the logo which can be used on bags, boxes, and other packaging.

He explained, “The aim isn’t to create a logotype that separates RunTheWrld from its competitors, but a responsive logo that can be used on a variety of things.”

“Especially different sizes where the scaling of the logo doesn’t affect its quality.”

RunTheWrld Jewelry stacked logo


Premium Typography

The typeface used for the logotype was based on the light font style of WT Volkolak Sans due to its elegant and premium look.

“I wanted to create some unique characteristics, such as the letter ‘R’ having a small star on the stem; and the extended leg that goes just below the letter ‘N’.”

“Also, the letters ‘RTW’ are bigger in comparison to the rest, as the name is spelled as one word, RunTheWrld, rather than three separate words, Run The Wrld, and it’s easier to differentiate.”

Other fonts used include WT Volkolak sans regular for the title, and Minion Caption Regular by Adobe is used for the name and the contact details.

RunTheWrld Jewelry stationery


Monochrome Colour Palette

Aleksandar wanted to keep the colours simple for this jewelry brand. The brand’s vision, values and mission are all reflected in the brand’s stark black and white colour scheme.

“Since I wanted the front side’s contact info to be legible, I used a white background with black text.”

“As for the other side, I am using the stacked logotype to fill out the space of the business card, made on a black background with the white logotype.”

RunTheWrld Jewelry business cards_2


The Printing of Business Cards

The client will be printing his business cards at VistaPrint.

“Due to its simple colour palette, my client wanted to have a black and white double-sided business card,” Aleksandar said.

“The business cards will be printed on traditional paper in the standard European size of 85mm × 55mm with a matte finish.”

“Apart from the business cards, letterheads, and wrapping paper, my clients will also be using Thank You cards printed on premium paper stock.”


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Designed by Aleksandar Ercegovac

Printed by VistaPrint

For RunTheWrld

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