Roots CBD business card

Roots CBD Business Card

Emir Kudic designed these business cards for Roots CBD, a source of the highest quality CBD products from industry leading farmers based in the US.

“The goal of the design was to make a simple, neat and eye-catching branding design that shows that their clients are getting high quality products,” Emir said.

Speaking of the design process, he continued, “First, we had a talk where we discussed what the client was actually looking for, who are their competitors, clients and so on. Once we had the brief, we started to work on sketching the logo as well as the pattern ideas.”

Roots CBD logoRoots CBD logo construction

“Once we finished the initial stage (logo design), we presented 3 logo options to our client which he picked the one you see in this post. The font used is Aclonica with a few touches while the colour palette was found on multiple colour palettes from Adobe Color, which we added a few of our touches as well,” Emir said.

The cannabis leaves and roots were made into a catchy illustrative pattern on the back of the card design to attract attention and stand out from the competitors.

Roots CBD business cardsRoots CBD_logoRoots CBD stationeryRoots CBD labels

Designed by Emir Kudic

For Roots CBD (Christian Pennoyer)

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