Rooted MKE business card

Rooted MKE BIPOC Children’s Bookstore Business Card

Sydney Michuda designed these business cards for Rooted MKE, a BIPOC children’s bookstore, makerspace*, and academic support centre.

(*A Makerspace is a collaborative work environment within a public or private facility where people can learn, share, and explore together. It’s a creative space to encourage innovation among the participants.)

Rooted MKE’s main goals are to nurture children’s passions through exploration and creation by creating a Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) children’s literacy destination that includes experiences that visitors value and services that help little ones be their best selves.


A Welcoming Brand Image

The business card design is vibrant and has a playful, inviting feel. The nature-inspired illustrations are super adorable, and the strawberry illustration on the front is similar to a heart-shaped sticker, which can portray a young-spirited and caring image as well.

“The client and I wished to portray the primary tenants of the brand;” Sydney said, “the paper cut out shapes, the wordmark, and the contact information properly laid out with the chosen type system.”

“If this was someone’s first encounter with the brand, we wanted to make sure they walked away with a clear image in mind.”

Rooted MKE business cards


Modern Logotype & Playful Colours

The typefaces used for the logotype are Cyrene (for the word “Rooted”) and Acumin (for “MKE”).

“The client wanted to create a space that inspires both kids and their parents upon entering, unlike a day-care with cartoons everywhere,” Sydney explained.

“The main font, Cyrene, was chosen for its unique, unexpected characters, similar to those special, surprising moments children have while learning.”

“Also, it has an elevated yet joyful style, which aptly ties into the mission of the brand.”

Since Rooted MKE is a children’s brand, Sydney created a large, colourful palette to make it feel playful, whimsical, and appropriate for kids, while also remaining refined for adults.

“The colours are also on the earthy side, connecting back to the original brand concepts,” she added.

Rooted MKE business card_3


Botanical Illustrations Symbolize Growth & Hands-On Crafts

According to Sydney, the botanical illustrations were created for a few reasons.

“First, they feature plants and fruit, which, like children, start small but require love and attention to grow and blossom.”

“Second, they tie into the brand name as seeds take root in their environment to thrive.”

“Third, they were handmade by cutting shapes out of paper, so they resemble a children’s craft that might take place in the makerspace.”


Rounded Edges Business Card & Printing

These business cards were printed by Digicopy, a printing company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Sydney created two versions of the business card design: regular and rounded corners. Both were vibrant and appealing, but only the latter was used for printing.

“The actual business cards were printed on 18pt matte paper with rounded edges, so they’re softer for young children to handle,” Sydney suggested.


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Rooted MKE business card_2Rooted MKE business card_1

Designed by Sydney Michuda at Super Creative

Printed by Digicopy

For Rooted MKE

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