Rocca Rocca business card

Rocca Rocca Interior Design Business Card

Juliana Ross designed these business cards for Rocca Rocca, an interior design studio that specializes in residential and furniture design.

“The logo design was inspired by minimalistic interior design and furniture elements that give a warm and cozy feeling while still keeping the minimalistic living approach,” Juliana replied after been asked about the inspiration behind her logo design.

Rocca Rocca logo
The typeface she used for the brand name is called Laca while Agrandir (by PangramPangram) is used for contact details and other additional information.

These business cards are not printed. If they were, here’s how they would have turned out, “I would go for letterpress printing technique. Also, the business cards need to have slight texture, which will remind the prospects of an attractive decor element,” Juliana suggested.

Rocca Rocca business cardsRocca Rocca business card

Designed by Juliana Ross

For Rocca Rocca

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