Roar Republic active wear business cards

Roar Republic Fashion Business Card

Danka Gralik designed these business cards for Roar Republic, an active wear brand that’s designed and made in Australia.

The brand’s mission is to inspire women to be the best they can be and to provide them with great quality clothes designed to make every woman look and feel great.

Danka came up with the brand name and everything around it. She said, “Working closely with the brand owner, I’ve came up with the name ‘Roar Republic.’”

“It was inspired by the fact that women are strong – like lionesses and the united community feel we want this brand to create.”

“The logo is formed by two letter words ‘RR’, interlocking with each other and representing two women supporting one another.”

“The word marque is simple but features a little own-able twists in the letterform details.”

If you look closely on the contact info side, there’s the phrase ‘Make Your Move’ on the top and bottom of the card as well – what a subtle move for a strong message!


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Stitch Press using several printing techniques – gold foil, blind deboss and edge painting.

“The colours I’ve chosen represent strong femininity – combining black, charcoal and delicate pink with an element of gold foil,” Danka added.

With so much thoughts been put into the design – the typography, colours and text arrangements – the design is able to convey the brand message effectively without extra graphical elements.


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Roar Republic active wear business cards

Designed by Danka Gralik

Printed by Stitch Press

For Roar Republic

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