Riley VanAusdoll business card

Riley VanAusdoll Graphic Designer Business Card

Riley VanAusdoll designed these business cards for her self-branding as a graphic designer based in Missouri, USA.

According to Riley, she recently graduated and this was an effort she wanted to complete for her transition into a working professional.

“For me, creating a personal brand was a daunting task to undertake. There was a lot of soul-searching that had to take place in order for me to recognize what I wanted to display to the professional world as a person and designer. I wanted my brand to be a reflection of my design style and passions- vibrant colour, bold type, and illustration,” Riley said.

Riley VanAusdoll logo
“My logo design is pretty simple and straightforward: my name and initials. However, it’s used in a unique way on my business card and stationary. Almost like it’s been stamped on a little haphazardly, but also in a strategic way so that my full name is still legible.”

The typefaces used in Riley’s visual identity are Urbane and Lust Regular. “I wanted a sleek and functional typeface like Urbane to offset the dramatic, serif Lust.”

Riley VanAusdoll colour palette
“Likewise, the colour palette I chose needed to marry both more practical hues with evocative ones. Colour inspires a lot of my work and I couldn’t leave it out of my brand. The leaf pattern is used to add an element of organic shape and illustration on the back of an otherwise minimal business card design.”

These business cards have not been printed yet. “My expectations for printing would be to use soft-touch paper. I enjoy the velvety quality of the texture soft-touch coating creates and how it enhances the tactile appeal of a business card,” Riley suggested.

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Designed by Riley VanAusdoll

For Riley VanAusdoll personal branding

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