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Rhino Music Equipment Business Card

Matheus Ferreira designed these business cards for Rhino, a music equipment and accessories company that seeks to expand its sales through e-commerce.

Rhion’s mission is to provide people with high-quality and long-lasting products that outlast those from competing brands and exclusive items (which are usually imported).

An important consideration for musicians when purchasing equipment is the product’s quality and durability. This is effectively reflected by Rhino’s logo and visual identity, as they were designed around the concept of robustness.


Logo & Typography

The business card design is minimal yet expressive with the creative use of lines and several cuts in the characters. The idea is to reflect the robustness of the brand’s products, which led to the creation of a unique typography.

“Using very thick lines, the type conveys not only the durability and quality of the products, but also authenticity by incorporating small cuts in the ligatures (which refer to various rhino horns) in the characters (very formerly used by typographers so that there would be no stains on these ligatures due to ‘excess’ or ‘accumulation’ of ink). These characteristics make the Rhino logo stand out,” Matheus explained.

One of the company’s most important aspects is music, which is reflected in the typographic logo’s “n” symbol, which is shaped like a musical note.


Colour Palette

The colours were chosen to show the brand’s modernity and technology.

“The combination of all these colours creates a perfect environment for digital, where the brand sells its products, as well as offline, where customers have direct contact with it,” Matheus said.

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Lines & Patterns

An important part of Rhino’s visual identity comes from the classic graphic representation of sound volume (thick and thin lines, in progression). Continuous lines and ellipses (which refer to stringed musical instruments) are also used to make up the look of the company.

These elements bring a modern and contemporary aesthetic that rescues part of the look of the packaging of music-related products from the past decades. Apart from that, the elements also sought to convey the idea of ​​“connection” and “fit”, which are essential attributes of Rhino’s products.

The “r” initial of the brand’s name is formed by some lines, which is another small but noteworthy detail.

As a result, a timeless pattern emerges, combining the musical universe with the brand’s commitment to quality and long-term viability, as intended by the brand’s visual identity. A sleek business card design that’s not to be missed!

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Designed by Matheus Ferreira

For Rhino

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