revierdoc medical office business cards

Revierdoc Medical Business Card

Thomas Schostok designed these business cards for Dr. Med. Matthias Manke of Revierdoc, a German medical office.

When it comes to logo design, the idea was to integrate a headframe used for coal mining into the logo to reflect the history of the area.

“The office is located in the so called Ruhrgebiet, and in the past, this industrial area was famous for its coal mining. Some of the headframes are still preserved for historical reasons,” Thomas said.

“With the reduced and stylized form, we avoided the typical stereotype look, mostly used in this area. As a feature the headframe can be read as ‘R’ for ‘Revierdoc’.”


“Beside the headframe icon we went for a script like logo ‘Revierdoc’ in the style of old 50s and 60s signs and lettering because the client is also an enthusiasts of old cars from this time.”

“The style of the lettering got a more modern approach to avoid kitschy visuals and a retro feeling.”

As for choosing ‘green’ as the main color for the business card, Thomas explained, “The base colors of the Revierdoc doctor’s office are all set to green – green walls, green interior, etc.”

“So we chose the same color for the logo, business cards and website to ensure the recognition value.”

These business cards were printed on three layer cotton paper with an overall weight of 810gsm in 4/4-colors.

revierdoc medical business cardsrevierdoc_3 revierdoc_5

Designed by Thomas Schostok of THS

Printed by Flyerwire

For Revierdoc – Dr. Med. Matthias Manke

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