Reticence Sculptor Business Card

Erwin Bindeman designed these business cards for Reticence, a brand identity of Driaan Claassen, who’s a South African sculptor and artist working predominantly with bronze as a medium.

“The purpose of the project was to unify and reflect the artist’s vision and concept behind the work created, by bronze artist Driaan Claassen,” Erwin said.

“A play on shadows and darkness with hints of light pushing forward in the form of patterns to pull the attention into the flow and the construction of the organic yet geometric work. A balance and play on light and darkness that reacts to its environment and creates movement when being viewed.”

These business cards were printed by Edina Rempress. The cards were applied with foil stamping and Spot UV onto unprinted Curious Skin Black 270gsm and then duplexed.

“This is one of the most complicated yet amazing projects I’ve ever had the opportunity to be involved with. The biggest lesson I’ve learned while producing this project is that certain foils do not always work with certain paper stocks. For this project, we had to change the foil while in production,” Erwin added.

A simple yet sophisticated business card design that leaves a lasting impression!

Designed by Erwin Bindeman

Printed by Edina Rempress

For Reticence (Driaan Claassen)

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