Renée Ruffinengo business card

Renée Ruffinengo Singer Business Card

Micaela Graciano designed these business cards for Renée Ruffinengo, a singer-songwriter from Argentina.

“Renée says she started her artistic career by the age of five when she took her first piano lessons. She defines most of her music as a fusion of pop since she mixes it with different styles,” Micaela said.

Renée Ruffinengo spotifyRenée Ruffinengo album
After listening to the new music and having the first interview with Renée, where she explained her creativity process and her desires for the new album, Micaela wrote down a list of words that could possibly describe her and her music.

“The result of this made me combine her work with the inspiration process and the art expression of the abstract art, particularly from Vasili Kandinsky and Hilma Af Klint,”

She continued, “We wanted the design to be as minimal as possible so we combined different kinds of abstract forms with a colour palette inspired by Kandisnky and Klint, until we reached the final design.”

Renée Ruffinengo logoRenée Ruffinengo pattern1Renée Ruffinengo pattern2Renée Ruffinengo pattern3
After the logo was created, Micaela played with the abstract forms and created different kinds of patterns, always respecting the colour palette.

These business cards are not printed yet but if they were, “The design is minimal so the cards should be printed in 400 gr. paper stock, double sided colour with a size of 8.4 × 5.5 cm,” Micaela suggested.

Renée Ruffinengo business cardRenée Ruffinengo business card2Renée Ruffinengo postcardsRenée Ruffinengo postcard designs

Designed by Micaela Graciano

For Renée Ruffinengo

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