Rene Stern birdhouse businesscard

Rene Stern Birdhouse Real Estate Business Card

Yuri Shvets designed these business cards for Rene Stern, a seasoned real estate agent.

Rene approached Lemley Design to develop a highly differentiating brand ID program for her business.

I don’t just sell properties, I sell Dreams”, proclaimed Rene.

“We positioned her as a truly exceptional agent, who wasn’t just a confident go-getter, but also a loyal, nurturing and caring guide helping people find their dream nest,” explained Yuri Shvets, the lead designer.

“The logo was a slam dunk, but it was a business card that proved to be a real challenge. At first, I proposed a simple folded card with a roof tile pattern:

“Wouldn’t it be cool if this card turns into a rooftop of the house when folded?” I said.

“This is clever, but you can do better,” replied David Lemley, who was my boss at that time.

“And back to the drawing board I was. After tinkering with this concept for the rest of the day, I came up with the card bellow.”

Rene Stern birdhouse business card

“Was it expensive and a pain in the neck to produce? Indeed, it was. Was it bespoke and worth the effort? Absolutely! The moral of this story is this: If we call ourselves problem-solvers we should never settle for our first idea because there’s always something greater, if we’re willing to explore and dive deeper,” Yuri said.

These business cards were printed by Evolution Press. According to Yuri, “This is one of the most tricked out cards I’ve ever designed. It was delivered flat and came in a little glassine square envelope, typically used for postage stamps.”

Yuri continued, “When you take the card out of the envelope, you follow a little simple instructions printed on the inside of the card to fold it into a little birdhouse. The roof of the birdhouse also had a self-adhesive backing so you could safely and cleanly secure the sides of the card.”

“Lastly, it had a drill-through round hole. When you look through the hole, you can see a friendly face of our real estate agent. Done!”

birdhouse biz card3birdhouse folded cardbirdhouse business card

Designed by Yuri Shvets

Printed by Evolution Press

For Rene Stern

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