REF business card

REF Coffee Shop Business Card

Paper Print Etc. designed these business cards for REF, a third generation coffee shop established in 2017 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

REF is the abbreviation for ‘Regular Espresso Factory’. It serves high quality coffees to the customers and makes them feel pleasant. Paper Print Etc. handled the entire branding project including business card design, print, packaging and web design.

REF logo
“We created a brand identity with minimal approach for Regular Espresso Factory. We used red as the main colour for that dynamic and energetic vibe,” said the Graphic Designer at Paper Print Etc.

“For REF Coffee, we preferred the red colour to create a simple and inviting perception. We used red for the logo and red stripes pattern. These lines are modern and sustainable but also a warm touch for the brand identity. It is inspired by the simplicity of the coffee cherry and the joy that emerges only when we smell it.”

REF coaster REF packing2
The unique typography of the tag lines are equally appealing. Plus, there’s a playful and creative touch on the logotype: with part of the letter F been modified into a coffee cup. Clever!

“While the cup in the logo refers to coffee, the pattern plays with different forms that represent movement and energy. Complementary graphics are shapes and textures created from lines, there is an abstract as the emotion we perceive individually when we come in contact with coffee.”

These business cards were printed on textured paper by a printing house in Istanbul.

REF business cards REF stationery REF packing REF cup design

Designed by Paper Print Etc. Design Studio


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