Recoleo oil recycling business card

Recoleo Oil Recycling Business Card

Luis Felipe Nunes designed these business cards for Recoleo, a new small and independent business focused on cooking oil recycling.

The brand name, Recoleo, means “collect oil” in Portuguese. It’s a mashup between the words Recolha and Óleo.

The goal of the design is to create a simple and friendly image and a logo that conveys the idea of oil-recycling without losing its professional appeal.


A Friendly Logo with a Minimalist Approach

The business card has a clean interface with an earthy colour palette and a vertical layout to accommodate a special graphic element. We’ll get into that soon, but in the meantime, let’s find out the inspiration behind the logo design.

“We used the lowercase and the rounded font to show that the process of the cooking oil recycling is really smooth and simple, as recycling should be,” Luis explained.

The typeface used for the logotype was custom-designed and was inspired by Arial Rounded MT Bold.

“Adding the drop in the middle, replacing the letter “o” brings a little more uniqueness and memorability to the logo due to the balance it brings.”

Recoleo oil recycling_logo


An Earthy Colour Palette & the “Droplet”

According to Luis, the colour palette was inspired by the idea of “ground”.

“Cooking oil is mostly from vegetable sources. When it’s brand new, the oil has a very light golden colour, but once used, it may turn into millions of different shades of gold and brown.”

“Our palette was designed to remind us of the raw material that the business needs – the used cooking oil, and the main necessity for the production of cooking oil, which is good soil.”

Now, speaking of the giant ‘droplet’ on the card, it will be visible once you place both the front and back sides of the business card next to one another. It’s purposely designed this way to amplify the brand message while adding visual impact to the overall branding.

Luis said, “Using half a drop on each side of the card, it shows the brand is a transparent business with a transparent process since the beginning of it.”

Recoleo logo and pattern design


The Printing of Business Cards

Luis suggested printing the business cards on plastic-based materials with a matte finish.

“This is to prevent the business cards from being damaged by used cooking oil stains while still having that satisfying texture that the matte coating brings.”

“It would be very interesting if the logos remained uncoated to create a nice contrast between the two different textures.”


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Designed by Luis Felipe Nunes at OUTsdrs 

For Recoleo

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