RD Homes Construction Business Card

RD Homes Construction Business Card

Yurika Creative designed these business cards for RD Homes, a construction company based in Kirkland, Washington.

“We designed a modern logo and a special business cards system for RD HOMES, a high-end builder in Kirkland, Washington,” said Yuri Shvets, the Principal and Creative Director of Yurika Creative.

“While the symbol and the company name are laser-etched into a custom shaped 3-ply walnut veneer, each individual crew member’s name, title and the contact information are printed on a self-adhesive sticker that wraps around the card.”

This method makes the cards easily customizable and it also adds an extra layer of tactility. This in turn reinforces a premium custom look and feel.

A bold and iconic symbol that shaped as the capital letter ‘R’ can be found on the wooden cards.

Other interesting features including the unique card shape (beveled edge business card) that applies a cut at one of the sides, and the all-caps Gotham typeface that used on both sides of the cards – either vertically or horizontally – for greater legibility.

These wooden business cards were printed by Glen Davis Morgan at Studio EQ, using die-cutting and laser etching techniques on 3-ply walnut veneer (other types of wood: birch, bamboo).


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Designed by Yurika Creative (Yuri Shvets)

Printed by Glen Davis Morgan, Studio EQ

For RD Homes

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