CRM business card

Raymov CRM Business Card

Maria Anfilatova designed these business cards for Raymov CRM, a system that provides effective marketing, sales and customer service, based in Australia.

The design inspiration was based on the image of a Rubik’s cube. According to Maria, the cube is also the basis for the logo and corporate identity.

CRM branding projectCRM logo
“I was inspired by the idea of creating a unique Rubik’s cube for the company. The CRM system works like a constructor, and it helps its customers step by step, so the metaphor with Rubik’s cube came in handy. And the simplicity of corporate graphics and its geometricity emphasizes the simplicity and modernity of the CRM system,” Maria said.

To give more oomph to the visual identity, Maria had included a few more square patterns on the card. That actually made the design appears cooler, more playful and less rigid. The main colour, blue, is a significance choice for the brand image of Raymov CRM to depict security, trust and intelligence.

CRM logo

“The colour bright blue works great in a digital environment, and it was important that the colour looked bright on a transparent business card.”

The business cards were printed on transparent plastic as another creative approach by Maria for the client.

CRM card designCRM businesscard

Maria explained, “Because the customer and I are on different ends of the planet, it was important for me that all the printed materials turn out the way I intended them to be. Therefore, I did a test print in my city in Russia. The request of the customer was to make creative business cards, but so that their production cost was minimal. Therefore, we took transparent plastic for printing with a density of 260 grams, and made printing with an ordinary laser printer in CMYK colour layout, and everything turned out and looked great!”

“And it’s so cool that without the use of sophisticated screen printing technology for embossing and other similar technologies, you can make a creative product at the price of a standard paper business card,” she added.

Now that’s for sure, a superb and thoughtful idea for creating that lasting first impression!

CRM card3

Designed by Maria Anfilatova

For Raymov CRM

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