Raise and Shine Jewelry business card

Raise and Shine Jewelry Business Card

Kira Bausch designed these business cards for Raise and Shine, a jewelry brand inspired by the idea of valuing both jewelry wearers and nature.

This jewellery business card design is exceptionally glamorous. By applying the earthy tones and gold foil together, it combines both naturalness and luxury.

The idea behind the concept was inspired by the products offered by Raise and Shine. They’re made from local river gold.

Each piece combines 100% traceable materials with pure aesthetics to emphasize the collective environmental awareness.


Logo & Pattern Design

While the business cards use mainly typographic elements for the brand presence, Raise and Shine actually has a logomark and it can be seen across the branding materials.

“The circularity of the logo symbolizes the cycle of life,” Kira explained.

“Inspired by ancient times, the circle was seen as a symbol of the sun, as the light-giving symbol of life.”

From the logomark, Kira created a brand pattern for the jewelry brand that looks just as sophisticated.

Raise and Shine Jewelry Logo Design


A Unique Layout and Text Arrangement

The business cards have a unique layout with one side horizontal and the other vertical.

The logotype evokes visual interest and contrast by focusing mainly on the words “RAISE” and “SHINE”, which are in serif fonts. They are combined with a smaller, sans-serif “AND” written vertically in the centre.

The name of the logotype is Flecha M. and Kira modified the font a little bit.

On the other side of the card, the founder’s name was written in a serif font in a circular layout that mirrored the brand’s logo.

The overall look shows sophistication and refinement, and a unified visual language that helps people recognize the brand.


The Printing of Business Cards

The business cards were printed on 700g/m2 Colorplan paper with gold foil embossing.

“As the colour of the card reflects the natural part of the business, the gold foil represents the luxury aspect,” Kira said.

“For an overall consistent brand look and a clear brand message, these specifications were used for all stationery items and the packaging design.”


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Designed by Kira Bausch

For Raise and Shine

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