Raisa Arruda Psychotherapist Business Card

Bruna Schauffert designed these business cards for Raisa Arruda, a psychotherapist and mentor/marketing specialist for other psychology professionals.

“Raisa Arruda has a very strong online presence. From the beginning, we felt it was essential to make her identity feel welcoming and open to dialogue. That’s precisely why we chose the speech balloon as a primary element, so that it would work as the logo itself and be combined with others to form patterns,” Bruna explained.


The colour palette and the overall visual identity have a modern and feminine look.

“The smile inside the balloon came naturally to reinforce all those conversative aspects. It’s important to observe that we made changes to the original typeface, not only to give it more personality, but also to have the speech balloon inside the ‘R’ letter, which happens to be very present in her name.”

The client handled the card-printing herself. “Since Raisa Arruda lives far away from us and we managed to do all the project online, we only delivered the digital files, so that she would be free to print with whichever company she wanted.”

According to Bruna, there was no special printing technique in mind since the whole identity has a flat design appeal. Even so, the business card design is compelling enough to speak for itself!

Raisa-Arruda-business-cardRaisa Arruda card_frontRaisa-Arruda_mugRaisa-Arruda_branding5Raisa-Arruda_branding3

Designed by Bruna Schauffert

For Raisa Arruda

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