Rabbit Hole Coffee business cards

Rabbit Hole Coffee Business Card

Saul Studio designed these business cards for The Rabbit Hole, an event pop-up coffee shop based in Leeds, UK.

Rabbit Hole Coffee has been in the hospitality industry for several years now, and they serve specialty coffee and artisan cakes. In their third year, they approached Saul Studio for the rebranding project, which included identity, apparel and print materials.

“The Rabbit Hole Coffee brand comprises various logomarks, a dynamic wordmark, multiple illustrations, and an icon,” said Joey Barritt, the Managing Director of Saul Studio.

“These are used fluidly throughout the brand elements, creating a flexible system while retaining consistency.”


Playful Illustrations and Logo Design

The business card design is whimsical and they are absolutely fun to look at! Just like the brand name, a rabbit mascot can be seen holding a coffee cup, depicting a welcoming and refreshing brand, while at the same time standing out from the competitors as well.

Furthermore, a vertical business card layout is always great to attract attention!

Besides the business cards, the rabbit mascot can be found on merchandise, signage and other printed materials, such as loyalty cards.

Rabbit Hole Coffee logo and mascot

“A series of illustrations complement the brand identity, and they were drawn by Jaydon Robottom. The illustrations add an evolving and personable tone of voice to the brand,” Joey said.

On the front of the business card, there’s the company’s logo with the brand’s initials, which is another homage to the brand’s main product.

“The ‘R.H.C.’ icon logo represents a bird’s eye view of a coffee cup, with an animated version alluding to the stirring of a coffee.”

Rabbit Hole Coffee logo


An Eccentric Typography

The typeface used for both the logo and body text is Spoof by Polytype.

According to Joey, the typeface was chosen because it has a playful and energetic tone.

“Bold but not shouty, and ultimately welcoming and friendly like the coffee shop itself,” he added.

Rabbit Hole Coffee_illustration

Refreshing Colours & Business Card Printing

Both pastel and bright blue are used in all of the print materials, creating a fresh and clean aesthetic.

“These colours are a complete opposite to the ‘traditional’ coffee shop brand’s look and feel, which is usually quite dark, masculine and overdone,” Joey explained.

The business cards chose a green backdrop, while the loyalty cards utilised a pink one.

Joey gave an explanation of the colour selection, saying, “Pastel green is used on the business card as a contemporary splash of colour, which is rarely used in coffee shop designs, which are often dark and masculine palettes.”

A wider pastel colour palette is used across other assets. All in all, the whole brand exudes a youthful and modern feel that’s so pleasing to the eye.

Saul Studio printed the business cards in house on 300gsm uncoated paper stock.


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Designed & Printed by Saul Studio

Illustration by Jaydon Robottom

For Rabbit Hole Coffee

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