Quib Mrkt Business Card

Visionary Playground designed these business cards for Quib Mrkt, a revolutionary concept to provide efficient, quality and great-tasting food throughout metropolitan areas.

“This project was originated from a vision and person whom we got connected to via a current client. The design was envisioned to be simple yet elegant. Our goal was to bring the look and feel to life through texture, tones and patterns,” explained Josh Tarin, the Creative Director of Visionary Playground.

“Quib Mrkt is short for ‘QUick BItes’. By shortening the phrase, it brought further details to the efficiency the market looks to provide.”

The abbreviation is a cool idea, intriguing enough to get people guessing. Once you get the concept behind it, it’s easy to recall. Also, the vintage-feel illustration on the back of the card is a big plus – the sketches are so well done that they match the design goal perfectly!

“The illustrations were curated from initial brand concepts the client had in mind. With such incredible design inspiration from all over the world, we pulled together these concepts in hopes to stand out and bring the vision to life.”

These business cards were printed in-house on a heavy 16 pt. butcher-like textured paper.

Designed by Visionary Playground

Printed by Visionary Playground

For Quib Mrkt

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