Punchline Media Business Cards

Punchline Media Business Card

Ben Mottershead designed these business cards for Punchline Media, a media provider based in Bristol, England.

“Punchline Media is a Bristol-based production and post-production studio run by Calum Jelf,” Ben said.

“Although being sat within the media industry, I wanted to position the company differently to the surrounding competition.”

“At the time all their digital platforms were in development, so an ability to work digitally and scale effectively was important.”

Punchline Media logo_1

“The logotype was a bespoke letterform designed from studying the historical landmarks around Bristol and drawing from the city’s heritage to add weight to the brand’s name, and standing within the industry.”

“Due to the highly visual work Punchline Media creates I also wanted to make photography a very focal part to the branding, which influenced the decision to keep the logo to a two colour system: White and Navy Blue.”

“Utilizing dynamic scenes and bright colour palettes, alongside the history-inspired logo, the ultimate aim was to create a sense of strength, and longevity to the company, and portray it as having its own heritage, despite only just being a start-up,” Ben explained.

“When utilised on printed collateral, due to the lack of natural symmetry within the letterform I chose to give it enough negative space to let it breathe by itself and not be off-balanced by surrounding body copy.”

“This is what led to the layout design on the reverse side of the business card.”

While Ben didn’t handle the printing process, he recommended, “The cards should be printed on a fluorescent white digital stock by G.F Smith to avoid any bleeding, or distortion of the photography, while also maintaining a slight archival texture to it relating back to the overall positioning of the company.”


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Punchline Media stationeryPunchline Media Business Card_2Punchline Media stationery

Designed by Ben Mottershead

For Punchline Media

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