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Professor Eric Yim Business Card

ALAND designed these business cards as a personal branding project for Prof. Eric Yim who has many different titles in different organizations.

“Environmental pollution is always a priority issue in the world, and it is our responsibility to design with harmless materials. Also, we wanted to design a meaningful business card so people would appreciate it,” said Alan Wong, the Design Director at ALAND.

Eric Yim business card_3recycled paper business cards
When it comes to preserving the environment, it’s important to know that every waste is a potential resource to create something new. Same is the case here with the paper choice for Prof. Eric Yim’s business card – a handcrafted recycled paper.

“We chose a handcrafted recycled paper which is made from the milk paper boxes. A digital element (QR code) was printed on the recycle paper with well balance. That’s what we wanted to see: an environmentally friendly business card goes into the real business world.”

Prof. Eric Yim’s business card design comes in two versions: vertical typography for Chinese while horizontal for English. Apart from all the relevant details, a self-portrait was included next to the QR code – a good way to stand out while being memorable.

QR code and self-portrait
According to Alan, these business cards were printed via letterpress printing technique as the recycled handcrafted paper could not be printed with ink. The thickness of the card is random, yet not too thin. The 4 sides of the card were intentionally uneven due to been teared by hands.

Overall, the business card design has a nice texture – rough surface – which seems pretty suitable for leaving an impression of someone being creative, responsible and with environmental awareness.


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Designed by ALAND

For Prof. Eric Yim

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