Process Form Modular Concrete Furniture business card

Process Form Furniture Business Card

GIRL Studio, in collaboration with Out of Bounds Studio, designed these business cards for Process Form, a Leeds-based studio specializing in handmade modular concrete furniture.

The goal of the design is to create a brand identity that not only represented Process Form’s commitment to functional minimalist concepts but also highlighted the beauty and simplicity in form.

The brand identity extends beyond their website and packaging to include a striking business card design that embodies their unique style.


Brand Image

For Process Form, it’s all about crafting beautiful and functional objects from modular concrete blocks.

Their furniture pieces are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. The concrete blocks can be arranged in a variety of ways to create coffee tables, side tables and console tables of many designs and sizes.

Therefore, the brand image needed to reflect these characteristics, and the business card design is no exception.


Logo Design

The cornerstone of Process Form’s brand identity is its flexible modular logo system. This adaptable logo can take on a variety of formats, mirroring the versatility of the product itself.

The confident, oversized typography not only sets Process Form apart in the shopping and retail industry but also highlights their innovative and dynamic nature.

Furthermore, the logo also includes an arrow icon to express the hand-crafted “PROCESS from start to attaining the perfect “FORM”.

Process Form Modular Concrete Furniture business card_2



The typeface used for the logotype is Grand Slang Roman. It’s an all-caps typeface that adds a touch of sophistication and timelessness to the visual identity.

It was inspired by mid-20th-century calligraphy, combines grotesque and serif elements, creating a unique and sleek look that perfectly aligns with Process Form’s brand identity.

Supplementing this is Neue Montreal Regular as a secondary typeface, which harmoniously enhances the overall design.


Colour Palette

The colour palette chosen for Process Form’s business cards is a direct reflection of their signature product.

The modular concrete blocks come in four colours: Clay, Milk, Fog and Pitch. However, the business cards mainly use two of them: brown (clay) and black (pitch).

Even so, these earthy tones are enough to evoke a sense of elegance while maintaining a deep connection to the brand’s products.

All in all, this business card design is a good example of sleek and minimalistic modernity. It uses elegant, oversized typography and natural colours to leave a strong impression on potential clients, aligning with the brand’s values.


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Designed by GIRL Studio and Out of Bounds

For Process Form

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